Fishing rules

In order for fishing to proceed without any major incidents, we have established pond rules. We ask all anglers (parents are liable for their children) to abide by these rules.

  1. Do not throw stones, branches, garbage, etc. into the ponds
  2. Do not use flashers, multiple hooks, plugs, etc. as bait.
  3. The fish must first be slain before the hook is removed.
  4. All fish caught must be purchased or consumed at our restaurant.
  5. For conservation reasons, do not search for earthworms.
  6. Please leave the premises as you would like to find them.
  7. Do not rake the fish (intentionally hook the hook only in the skin).
  8. The fish must be lifted out of the water with a suitable net.
  9. Have the fish weighed before gutting.

You can borrow all fishing utensils from us (rental fishing rod EUR 5/pc).