The fish ponds

are open from 3.05.2024 to 24.09.2024

Open from Friday to Tuesday

from 09:00 to 16:00 in each case

Wednesday and Thursday is day off!

In our fish ponds are

  • Char
  • Salmon trout
  • Rainbow trout

You can fish with us to your heart’s content, and take your prey home with you. All fishing tackle is available from us for a rental fee (rental rod EUR 5.70/pc). For fishermen without a valid Salzburg fishing license, we have day fishing permits for €2 per person aged 14 and over. Of course, you can also eat your prey in our restaurant. The prices on the menu then apply. Please let us know before weighing!

The prices for the fish to go are:

  • Rainbow trout EUR – 14,40/kg
  • Salmon trout EUR – 15,70/kg
  • Char EUR – 15,70/kg

As bait you may use corn, maggots, already brought earthworms, cheese, all artificial bait, etc.. Do not use flashers, multiple hooks, plugs, etc. More details under: Rules for fishing.

Our fish menu in the restaurant:

Fried trout with fried potatoes and salad

EUR 15,20


Almond trout with fried potatoes and salad

EUR 16,20

Trout, boiled blue with boiled potatoes, melted butter and salad

EUR 16,20

Trout ground (spicy) with fried potatoes and salad

EUR 16,20


Salmon trout fillet with fried potatoes and salad

EUR 16,50


Smoked trout, warm, with bread, butter and horseradish

EUR 13,60


Pasta pan with trout fillet strips, pesto, parmesan and salad

EUR 13,90